creating emotion

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Emotions have - mostly subconsciously - an immense influence on our everyday life. Like an invisible compass, our feelings give us guiding to evaluate every situation. At the same time, they facilitate communication with other people. In order to trigger an emotion, the senses must be addressed. We always grasp our counterpart, be it an individual or a company, holistically with our senses. What we see, hear, smell and feel determines, whether we feel comfortable and trust our counterpart. This makes addressing both customers and employees on an emotional level a crucial factor for a company's success.

Our passion at Vogt Corporate Styling is to give companies a face, to promote their charisma on an emotional level and to take care that their customers feel completely secure and comfortable. In our understanding, Corporate Styling is the quest to visually express the individual character of a company - far beyond corporate design.

We are committed to sustainable corporate development. Thus we keep ESG criteria in mind at any step of our work - from responsibly choosing and purchasing the materials and products we use to organising health-promoting events for our clients.

Our target market

Corporate Styling is an important topic for medium-sized and large companies in all sectors. But since it is often underestimated and neglected, many companies don't use their potential for customer acquisition, public relations and employee identification to the full extent.

The "style" of a company is not limited to outward appearance - it directly embodies its values. We consider it our task to promote the positive perception of your company through comprehensive concepts or targeted measures.

Our experts are by your side in all areas, work out your values, capacities and strengths and ensure optimal external and internal presentation.


Energy - Genius - Emotion ...our tools for the wow effect


We get to the heart of your design.


... until everything dances together


Our portfolio covers a wide range from individual services in event and interior design to the complete organisation of special projects and comprehensive marketing concepts.

Conceptual work

Whether it concerns the rough copy of your company appearance at trade fairs and events, the interior design of your premises, your company's publications, questions of product design or impressive special campaigns such as health days: Our team with it's many years of experience will be taking care of your needs.


Organizational tasks
If required, our team is happy to take care of the complete conception and organisation of your events.

Adapting the visual appearance of your premises to the theme of the event without affecting the style of the company can be a real challenge that we are happy to take on for you.

Food & Beverages
The food and drinks offered at an event have a decisive influence on their success. Trust in our experience.

Especially at events, your employees and service staff are your company's flagships. We help to seize this opportunity.


Basic concept
You are planning a new shop or pop-up store? We are by your side in developing the basic concept and product range.

Interior design
From small pop-up stores to global roll-outs: We take care of the spatial planning of your sales rooms.

Merchandise presentation
We plan all unique, continuous and recurring decoration tasks for you and ensure a high recognition value.

Assortment consulting
Use our know-how and our contacts to manufacturers, producers and dealers to develop innovative sales formats and a unique range of products.

Trade show
Providing support in the presentation of your company we are by your side at trade and international lifestyle fairs - from the rough concept of your trade fair appearance to stand design and organising special campaigns.


Visual design is one of the most important factors when it comes to reaching people on an emotional level. Our team has many years of experience in this field.

Shop design

The right concept has a decisive influence on the success of your presentation. Use our experience, starting in the planning phase.

Visual merchandising
The decoration of your shop deserves the highest attention. The way you present yourself here shapes the image of your company.

Employee apparel
The "style" of a design shop includes the employee's outfit. It must match the company's corporate style, but also meet the needs of its wearers - because only employees who feel comfortable will represent your company in the best possible way.


Colour concepts
The colour design is a very effective way to influence the mood of visitors, customers and employees. Trust our experience.

Furnishing your company's premises tells much more about your company than business cards, flyers and brochures. We help you to score in this field.

Lighting consultation
Just like colours, the targeted use of natural light and artificial lighting has a great influence on mood, concentration and performance. We work together with lighting design specialists to find the right setting for you.

Product design and merchandising

Use our experience to plan and implement your merchandising activities in a targeted manner.


Our team will be happy to assist you with its many years of experience at trade fairs and events, staff celebrations and special campaigns such as company health days.

Organizational tasks
On request we take care of the complete conception and organisation of your events.

Location scouting and decoration
The suitable premises and their visual appearance are a decisive factor for successful events. Having an eye on your company's style we take care of the properly selecting and equipping the premises.

Food & Beverage Consulting
We take care of the choice of food and drink and, if necessary, also on the selection of the perfect caterer.

Service staff and employee apparel
Especially at events, your employees and service staff are your company's flagships. We help to seize this opportunity.

The Team